A peak behind the curtain into the mind oph the madman that is the current Masculinus Primus, Aoirthoir An Broc.

Yay! One page open!

Aoirthoir An Broc is the current Primus oph The Masculinus Collectivus. He is a monumentally miniscule meticulously motivated masterphul meanderer meditating his way through liphe like a mad manic marvellous mystic oph myriad mundane magicks that are matchlessly merrily majestic, merritorious undz metaphysical. He is that masculinus mensch maidenizer magniphicent.

See what I did their my peeps? I needed a phuq’ng M word phor WOMANIZER and I made it maidenizer. Holy shyt sometimes I even amaze myselph! Ah who am I kiddin’? I always amaze myselph. Where was I?

I was about to write something glorious I am sure. Pheq!.. anyhoo.. is about me and all my crazy shyt. It’s got awesome sections like “phuq’this’guy” and other sections that I cannot remember right now. The key here is a lot oph what I write here will eventually make its way into ophicial dogma. So kinda stay tuned.